2005 Film Night in the Park Photos:

Film Night at Dolores Park, featuring "Tootsie", Oct. 8, 2005

Film Night at Dolores Park, featuring "Bullitt", Sept. 10, 2005

Film Night at Union Sq. Park, featuring "North By Northwest", August 27, 2005

Film Night at Washington Sq. Park, featuring "Cinema Paradiso", June 4, 2005

Film Night at Dolores Park featuring "Some Like it Hot", May 14, 2005

About Film night in the Park:

Film Night in the Park is San Francisco's premiere outdoor film series. Four film night screenings in 2004 were attended by over 7,000 film-goers with over 3,500 attending the October screening of Harold and Maude in Dolores Park. Films are presented free of charge on a giant outdoor screen in beautiful park settings. Attendees are encouraged to picnic before screenings and are discouraged from bringing chairs.

About the 2005 Films:

SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959, 119 Minutes)
Starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe

A comedy classic, Some Like it Hot is the story of two male musicians hiding out in an all-girl band as they are pursued by mobsters. Some Like it Hot was nominated for six Academy Awards and took the Oscar for Best Costume Design in a Black and White Film. Some Like it Hot is listed as the American Film Institute’s 14th best American film of all-time.

CINEMA PARADISO (1988, 123 Minutes)

Classic Italian film and winner of the 1989 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Cinema Paradiso is a nostalgic look into life in a small post-war Italian town. The story focuses on the relationship between a young boy and the projectionist at the local cinema. A sentimental crowd-pleaser that was also the Grand Jury Prize winner at Cannes in 1989.

NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959, 136 Minutes)
Carey Grant, Eva Marie Saint

One of Hitchcock's most famous films, NORTH BY NORTHWEST has everything--thrills, suspense, mystery, and a classic performance by Carey Grant. Roger Thornhill (Grant) is a successful advertising executive in New York City who is lunching with at Plaza Hotel's Oak Room when he answers the wrong page, one for a George Kaplan, and is mistaken for Kaplan. It becomes an identity which Thornhill cannot shake and one that drags him across the country in the face of death with the pretty Eve Kendall (Saint) at his side.

BULLITT (1968, 113 Minutes)
Starring Steve McQueen

A classic cop film that features some of Hollywood's greatest chase scenes and a career performance by McQueen. Filmed almost entirely on location in San Francisco, Bullitt is a fast-paced thrill ride that careens up, down and all-around the the City’s streets.

AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1973, 110 Minutes)
Starring Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Cindy Williams and featuring Harrison Ford

George Lucas directed this touching tale about cruising, drag racing and growing up in s small town in the early 60s. American Graffiti was a major critical and financial success that jump-started many careers and enabled the creation of Star Wars.

TOOTSIE (1988, 112 Minutes)
Starring Dustin Hoffman

The uproariously funny story of a desperate actor who gains employment by playing a woman. Dustin Hoffman brilliantly portrays a man struggling to me a woman and is joined by a brilliant cast including Jessica Lange (winner of an Oscar for her supporting role), Dabney Coleman, Teri Garr, Bill Murray and Geena Davis. Tootsie was nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

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